Tasmanian Superfine Merino Fleece, Australian Wool

non mulesed merino fleeceWe are passionate Australian wool producer specialists growing ethical ultrafine and superfine merino wool in Tasmania.

Our merino sheep, their natural pure merino wool fibre and environmental integrity is the heart of our family farming life and business.

Non Mulesed Tasmanian Merino Fleece

All Barega merino wool is non mulesed and chemical free. All ultrafine and superfine merino fleeces are specially prepared to the buyer specification and to met Australian Wool Industry standard.  Barega merino is Australian wool grownAustralian Superfine Merino Rams in an environment of care for our merino sheep and respect of our ecosystems.

Our superfine fleece and ultrafine merino wool is sold through the Australian Wool Auction System and direct to the buyer or retailer.

Barega Superfine Merino Sheep

Ethical Superfine Merino FleeceBarega merino sheep are plain bodied superfine wool animals that shear cleanly and easily without skin abrasions.

They are an easy care merino, bred on property using Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) through Merinoselect in Sheep Genetics Australia.

Barega merino sires and dams have worm egg resistance (WEC), eye muscle diameter (EMD) and fat (FAT) traits ranking in the top 10 percent in Sheep Genetics Australia Merinoselect program.

Tasmanian Ultrafine Merino Fleece

Non mulesed ultrafine merino fleece wool, 14  micron of Spinner style containing less than 0.5% vegetable matter and sound newtons.

Chemical free superfine merino wool of 15.7 micron, Spinner and best type, fast growing wool fibre bundles of white, deep crimping wools that are soft to handle, genetically silk soft and near to 100% comfort factor experience for pure merino next to skin wear.Tasmanian non mulesed ultrafine merino wool

Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA) wool results for Barega merino greasy wool consistently reflect high tensile strength (NKT) with low fibre diameter (Mic), low CV of micron (CVD), high schlumberger dry combing yields (SCH), low vegetable matter (VM), with AWEX audits confirming our non mulesed, chemical free merino wool.


Barega superfine and ultrafine wool is baby soft and white, free growing merino fleeces free of disease and fly and able to be harvested three times in two years.Chemical free ultrafine merino

Merino sheep that are genetically fine as they graze naturally on grass pasture that alter with the seasons to produce a soft white quality wool fibre.

The young merino’s first fleece is soft white and very fine, an ultrafine wool. As they mature their micron increases and classed into the next micron category known as superfine wool.

Superfine merino rams are bred on property with wool trait ASBVs ranking in the top 10 % in Merinoselect for fibre diameter (FD) , co efficient of fibre diameter(CVFD), fibre curvature(YCUR).

Merino Fleece Quality Control.

Australian wooAustralian Wool, Merino Fleecel producers receive guidelines and standards from peak Livestock and Wool bodies that clearly outline our requirements and obligations for Australian wool preparation and livestock production.

Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) registered wool classers are internationally recognised as trained professionals in wool classing and wool preparation of Australian wool.Australian wool, Barea Merino

Our professional wool classer prepares and classes our wool clip according to Australian wool industry Code of Practice (COP) with their AWEX registered classer stencil on the wool bale.

Wool Grower Commitment

At Barega our superfine merino fleece quality control is paramount and is addressed in two main areas of our wool enterprise, firstly on farm and secondly in the wool shed.

1. On farm:

Complete transsustainable merino woolparency with full traceability of all treatments administered to Barega merino sheep.

Our superfine breeding program includes non mulesed merino sheep that grow chemical free, quality soft white wool fibre with ease and in partnership with our seasonal climate and ecosystems.

Australian wool and animal welfare guidelines and customer quality assurance programs are fully embraced. A reflection of who we are and is part of the way we care and interact with our merinos and respect of our land.sustainable ecosystems

Environmental sustainability under pins all our activities on at Barega from holistic grazing management through to our merino sheep breeding program and sheep handling and husbandry practices.

We have a commitment to our environment to protect our landscape and enhance our natural ecosystems with ongoing regeneration activities on the land, pasture and water ways. These environmental values and activities are an integral part of the identity and brand of Barega merino superfine wool.

2. Wool preparation in the shed:

Australian wool, Barega MerinoThe shed and merino sheep are presented in a way to minimise contamination on the board and wool table.

Information including previous wool results, animal health, buyer specifications and market outlook are on hand to assist with wool preparation during the shearing.

The wool shed is staffed with a skilled team of shearers, a superfine wool classer specialist and wool handlers experienced in the extra wool preparation for a superfine merino clip.

A team working together to do a quality job in preparation of our pure merino wool for sale.

Each merino fleece is individually  prepared according to the Australian Wool Exchange Limited (AWEX) guidelines, Australian Superfine Wool Association and buyer specifications.

Non mulesed wool, Chemical free superfine woolchemical free wool status is obtained through full disclosure and transparency by signing the National Wool Declaration (NWD) and EU Eco-Label Wool Declaration documentation that accompanies our pure merino wool for further testing and sale.

Quality Superfine Merino Wool

We are enthusiastic about our merino sheep, their welfare, their genetic gain, and the quality of ultrafine pure merino fleece they grow.Tasmanian superfine merino

We are superfine merino wool grower specialists. We live life on the farm tending to our merino sheep in an ongoing quest to produce a sustainable and ethical merino wool.

Tasmanian superfine merino fleece, Australian wool is a natural fibre grown in partnership with our merino sheep and the land.