Low Fat Merino Table Lamb

Barega merino has an innovative genetic program to lift superfine ewe performance and wean quality low fat merino lamb suitable for the table.

We use specific Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) for the following traits EMD, FAT, body growth and WEC to produce faster maturing merino lamb. Barega sires and dams are ranking in the top 10% of Sheep Genetics Merinoselect for some of these individual traits, for more information on Barega merino ASBVs click here.

Barega superfine merino lamb

Merino Lamb Breeding Objectives

Tasmanian merino lamb

1. Merino lambs to reach maturity fast and achieve adult body weight by 18 months.

2. To produce a plain body easy care non mulesed superfine merino lamb with a high immunity for intestinal parasites.

3. Robust thriving merino lamb able to adapt with ease to our seasonal feed changes of our natural grass grazing systems.

4. Fast maturing lambs with ability to reach a body weights to suitable low fat merino table lamb of 13 to 14 kg dressed minimum weight within 24 weeks of age.

5. Merino carcase traits with the capacity to reach a predetermined target weight for the market on a budget and within a predetermined time frame.superfine merino lamb

6. Merino lamb with free growing ethical ultrafine merino fleece of bright white disease free wool.

New Merino lamb Benefits

Merino genetics that allow increased market options for a superfine merino lamb enterprise for non mulesed wool and access low fat merino lamb markets.

Increased opportunity and flexibility within a merino superfine enterprise depending on the cash flow, season and market prices for wool, lamb and flock replacements.

Alternative Merino Lamb OptionsTasmanian merino lamb

  •  Merino wether lambs for low fat table lamb trade market at a minimum weight of 13 kg dressed and condition score 2 at 24 weeks of age.
  •  Special Middle East merino lamb market, specifications include minimum dressed weight of 12kg, lamb entire with testes and full length tail, non mulesed. Minimum prices offered per kilo are currently at first cross lamb prices.
  •  Retain wether merino lambs for their ultrafine non mulesed wool fleece at 8 to 9 months of age and sell off shears to the trade lamb market before 2 tooth age.
  •  Grow out wether superfine merino lambs for wool replacement stock with two full fleece length shearings with one and half years.

New Merino Lamb

We are merino wool growers breeding superfine merino sheep capable of raising a low fat merino table lamb within our grazing systems. We are on a journey, challenging our superfine merino boundaries for a sustainable and easy care new merino. A targeted breeding using Australian sheep breeding valves for a low fat merino table lamb and superfine merino ewes that have the ability to raise them with ease.