Tasmanian superfine merino

Tasmanian Superfine Merino Fleece, Australian Wool

We are passionate Australian wool producer specialists growing ethical ultrafine and superfine merino wool in Tasmania. Our merino sheep, their natural pure merino wool fibre and environmental integrity is the heart of our family farming life and business. Non Mulesed

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Tasmanian merino lamb

Low Fat Merino Table Lamb

Barega merino has an innovative genetic program to lift superfine ewe performance and wean quality low fat merino lamb suitable for the table. We use specific Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) for the following traits EMD, FAT, body growth and

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superfine merino ram

New Superfine Merino Sheep

A decade ago we embarked on a search for new merino genetics for a robust easy care new superfine merino sheep  with quality superfine merino wool characteristics along with reproductive performance in our seasonal growing environment. In 2004 we found

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BaregaMerino, A Unique Superfine and Ultrafine Merino

Baregamerino is about our merino sheep and the unique quality of the soft superfine and ultrafine merino fleece wool they grow. This story involves a cycle of their life on the farm, the seasons and the environment in which they live. It is about how that relationship is reflected in the quality of the superfine merino fibre they grow and in the ethic of the Baregamerino wool brand.

Softness of Natural Superfine Merino Fleece, Australian Wool

Baregamerino is a Tasmanian grown superfine and ultrafine merino. Baregamerino is a quality ultrafine merino and is classed in the finest micron niche of the Australian wool clip. New research highlights the quality and comfort of next to skin wear of ultrafine and superfine merino. Further findings include health and sleep benefits of superfine merino and the natural characteristics of wool in merino sports and active wear.

There are in-depth articles about these topics on this site. Be inspired and assured that quality and comfort of baregamerino is one of nature’s wonders, a baby soft next to skin fibre, and an intimate fibre to protect and clothe the skin in natural comfort.

Quality Ethical Superfine Merino Fleece


Tasmania is a wilderness island state of Australia. The seas surrounding it borders are a natural layer of protection for all within its shores.

Biosecurity at baregamerio is important and encompasses measures from protection and prevention to treatment of disease, through to genetic selection and breeding to increase the merino’s natural resistance to disease.

Biosecurity commitment outcomes are demonstrated through industry accreditation programs. These programs validate our non museled merino and chemical free superfine merino fleece and lamb with environmental sustainable land practices.

Holistic Land and Animal Health Welfare

We have nature at our doorstep and daily balance the needs of our merino sheep, environmental sustainability with the economic pressures of the commercial world.

Land and animal welfare is fundamental for health, well-being and forms a significant component under pinning the values of baregamerino. Our tools box comprises of wide range of holistic and natural remedies that encourage bio-diversity and wellbeing of our land, waterways and animals.

There is more inside about more about natural pasture regeneration and herd effect, of soil biology and compost teas, low stress stock handling, animal health and integrated pest management and revegetation of native habitat and shelterbelts.

New Sustainable Superfine Merino Sheep

Life at Baregamerino is dynamic with management practices adapting in response to the challenges of the ecological, social and economic environment in which we live.

Part of that sustainability is to breed superfine merino sheep that thrive within our eco systems with minimal inputs. A new merino that effectively converts our natural resources into superfine merino wool and merino lamb.

The selection of merino sheep with dense wool follicles and wrinkle free skins on deep bodies enable us to grow non mulesed and uniquely soft free growing superfine merino wool and raise a robust merino lamb. There is more on this site about the SRS selection process and techniques used at baregamerino.

Superfine Genetics for Natural Ultrafine Merino

Breeding using Australian sheep breeding values ASBVs for the desired traits and indexes allow us to select the best to drive genetic change toward a deep plain bodied easy care superfine merino sheep.

Genetic change is measured through Sheep Genetics Australia genetic gain reports and benchmarking individual animal traits and indexes against all merinos within their data base.

Using specific trait through ASBVs and SRS selection technique has created a change in our merino sheep that has increased the flexibility of our superfine and merino lamb enterprise and enabled access to new market opportunities both locally and internationally.

BaregaMerino Brand

We are passionate about our superfine merino sheep and the uniquely soft merino fleece they produce. Merino health and wellbeing with that of the land and its eco systems underpin the baregamerno brand.

We are ethical wool grower specialists growing 100% pure merino sheep our on our farm in the island state of Tasmania, Australia.