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Barega Merino Wool Story

Our merino sheep and their unique natural wool fibre are at the heart of our family farming business at Barega, meaning the wind, in the Northern Midlands on Australia’s island state of Tasmania.
Our merinos, the magic of their soft ultrafine and superfine wool, their life, animal ethics and animal wellbeing whilst sustaining environmental integrity are the essential chapters of our Tasmanian merino wool story, the Barega merino wool story.

Untold Merino Story

Barega merino is pure merino wool which captures the quality of our merinos in their non mulesed, chemical free merino fleeces. A sustainable and ethical merino wool fibre of an untold merino story at Barega farm, the home of our easy care merino and their disease free merino fleece.
The merino fibre is a unique to each merino and their fleece is a reflection of them, their life and their environment.

  • The quality of their fleece tells their storyAustralian merino wool
  • The age of the merino is imprinted on their fleece.
  • Their life experience is mapped along the staple length of their wool fibre.
  • The season and environment is reflected by the lustre of their pure white fleece.
  • Their breeding and genetics is expressed in gentle softness and fineness of their wool fibre.

Barega merino wool is about life, nature, reproduction and the relationship of our merinos and the land.

Tasmanian merino

Wool Story Translated For Sale

When Barega merino wool is to be sold, our farm wool story of quality ethical superfine merino fleece is translated for sale and is shown in following two parts.

1. Traditional Wool Sale Information

Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA) wool test results translate part of our merino story on our merino greasy wool into descriptive figures for the buyer and the sale catalogue.

For the ATWA results to be given real meaning the greasy wool sample is displayed and the buyers appraise the wool  for preparation and handle. Wool handle is a term used to describe the touch and the feel of the wool for its true softness and lustre.

Tasmanian Ultrafine Wool

Superfine merino ATWA results

ultra fine merino

Tasmanian superfine wool

Three to four year old fleece


Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA) wool test results translate part of our merino story on our merino greasy wool into descriptive figures, and eco-declarations for chemical free and non mulesed Tasmanian superfine merino wool for the buyer and the sale catalogue.Australian wool, Tasmanian ultrafine merino

2. The Hidden Story

Final translation is to know the story of our superfine and ultrafine non mulesed merino sheep, their story imprinted on their chemical free fleece wool, and their partnership with the environment in which they live goes with the Barega brand.

Animal Welfare

Barega merino is about animal health and welfare.

Ethical ultra fine merino woolCaring for our merinos using low stress stockmanship practices and snow comb shearing to leave a wool stubble for extra protection at times of seasonal change.

Breeding and rearing superfine merinos without the need to mules and with a high resistance to disease.

Supplementary feeding in times of need, monitoring our merino sheep health and treating unwell animals close to home are some of our practices at Barega merino farm.

Environmental Welfare

Barega wool is about life and environmental sustainability, working in partnership with nature. See one of our workers at work here!environmental welfare

Ethical and chemical free merino wool is grown in an environment of regeneration, with landcare practices that support our wildlife in their role in the landscape.Sustainable Tasmanian merino


Encouraging wild life, plant and soil microbiological life and diversity that underpins our landcare practices.

Eco friendly merino


Our sustainability tool box include protected wild life shelter areas, landcare plantings, waterway regeneration, no till pasture regeneration, and application of organic and compost teas.

Barega Merino Brand

The hidden story is fundamental to our values and ethical superfine merino fleece. It is an essential part of the wool story that starts on Barega farm in Tasmania with our ulTasmanian merino wool storytrafine and superfine sheep.

Their merino wool reflects their life, our ethics and environmental integrity. Their merino fleeces are pressed into wool bales to begin another chapter beyond the farm gate under the Barega brand.

Bales full of our wool story, of non mulesed and chemical free ultrafine and superfine fleeces, the life of our merino sheep and pure merino wool of Tasmania.


Barega Superfine Merino

Barega superfine and ultrafine merino wool is about life, the farm, the land, regeneration and sustainable ecosystems.Tasmanian superfine merino

A genuine story about the relationship between these elements are  natural chapters of our Barega merino brand. A wool story of ethical superfine merino wool from Tasmania, Australia.

land welfare