New Research On Health Benefits of Superfine Merino

Scientists have studied the potential role of ultrafine Merino in sleep health and skin health, and have found it is beneficial to those afflicted with chronic skin conditions and that it promotes restful sleep.

superfine merino health benefits

Historically, there has been a general misconception that wool fibre is itchy and irritating to the skin, but new research has shown there are real health benefits of ultrafine and superfine merino worn next to skin.

Ultrafine Merino Benefits on Skin Health

Researchers at the Queensland Institute of Dermatology (QID) Australia, specifically focused on ultrafine Merino in skin health and its use in the treatment of chronic dermatologic conditions. The aim of the study was to challenge the common belief that wool fibre is bristly and prickly, and to explore any unrealized health benefits of superfine Merino wool in the treatment of skin disorders.


Atopic dermmerino benefits skin health 6atitis is a skin condition that affects up to 30% of children and 10% of adults. It is an immune-mediated inflammation of the skin resulting in itchy, red, swollen, and cracked skin.

Scratching the intensely itchy lesions makes sufferers of atopic dermatitis susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections. With no known cure, the only treatment for the condition is moisturisation and skin hydration to reduce the intensity and frequency of flares.

The new research has shown definite health benefits of superfine Merino in atopic dermatitis and other similar conditions. Given that the fibre is natural and chemical-free, the role of ultrafine Merino in skin health has come as no surprise.

Next To Skin Ultrafine Merino Helps Treat Dermatitis

sunsafe merino wearThe study has demonstrated that participants with inflammatory skin conditions had dramatically reduced symptoms of redness, dryness, itching, and pain after they started wearing superfine Merino.

Ultrafine Next To Skin Merinowear

These wool garments were worn in direct contact with body surface in the form of base layers or next to skin wear including gloves, and socks.

merino next to skinMerino fleece has been adapted by nature to allow merino sheep to survive unpredictable  and sometimes harsh weather conditions.

Ultrafine Merino has skin health benefits due to its fundamental temperature regulation and moisture management properties.

Naturally breathable, the fibre draws moisture away from the body, preventing the skin from remaining damp or clammy.

While sensitivity to prickliness varies from person to person, in general, moist or sweaty skin and humid weather makes skin more sensitive.Ultrafine Merino keeps the skin dry and temperature controlled and makes the wearer much more comfortable and less prone to itching.

Ultrafine Merino in Sleep Health

Quality sleep in babies is right on top of every new parent’s wish list and is, in fact, imperative for the healthy growth and development of the wee ones. New research has shown health benefits of superfine Merino and a role for ultrafine Merino in sleep health.

Ultrafine Merino, A Natural Fibre

The natural breathability, exceptional softness, and luxurious feel of superfine Merino make it aparent’s instinctive choice.  Parents of babies who use Merino wool wraps to swaddle them have found it is by far the best material to keep baby comfortable and promote undisturbed sleep.superfine merino babywear 5

Sleeping Temperature Regulation with Merino

One of the common reasons for babies waking up at night is being too hot or too cold, and the intrinsic temperature-controlling properties of superfine Merino wool keep baby’s delicate core temperature regulated by insulating in a cold environment and releasing heat in a warm environment.

Sleep suits, sleeping bags, sleeping gowns, and base layer sets in ultrafine Merino all promote sleep with their incredibly soft, warm, and breathable material that is lightweight, yet substantial, and soft as silk against baby’s delicate skin.

Sun Safe Merinowear

It doesn’t hurt that ultrafine Merino is stain resistant, resilient, and easy to care for, making it the obvious choice of busy parents.Merino wool offers ultraviolet protection with ratings up to UPF50+, and superfine Merino blankets are especially convenient for sun safety when baby is on the go.

Quality Sleep With Merino

sleep quality improves with merinoIt’s not babies alone that need a good night’s sleep, science results through new research has shown the health benefits of superfine Merino in the quality of sleep in adults as well.

A three-year study conducted at the University of Sydney Australia, to evaluate ultrafine Merino in sleep health has shown a direct correlation between woollen Merino bedding and sleep quality in adults.

The luxuriously soft Merino wool fibre was found to have a direct positive impact on sleep quality, sleep quantity, and sleep efficiency (time spent asleep versus total time spent in bed).

Natural Superfine and Ultrafine Merino

New research has shown the health benefits of superfine Merino, and it is the wool’s inherent ability to regulate temperature, manage humidity, and create a comfortable micro-environment around the wearer that makes ultrafine Merino so indispensable in sleep health and skin health.